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How much do you know about Serbia? Since I’m originally from Odessa, Ukraine it was so nice to see similar alphabet letters and many similar words. The reason we decided to learn about Serbia is because we celebrated Serbian Christmas this year and were so inspired by their traditions that we decided to learn more. Serbia is a small country. It is slightly larger than South Carolina. It’s capital is Belgrade with a population of one million. The main language is Serbian and the main Religion is Orthodox Christianity. Metal was first made in Serbia. I don’t know about you but we love Raspberries. Guess where 95% of the raspberries sold in the world are farmed? Yep, Serbia. Clocks were made by Serbians long before the Swiss started making clocks. The word “vampire” is the only Serbian word that is accepted around the world. If you see a last name ending in “ic” then most likely that individual is Serbian. Serbians are said to be the most hospitable nation in the world.

Serbian Folks Dance:

After we watched a video on Serbian Folks Dance we decided to give it a try. We had so much fun doing it. While our dance did not compare to the Serbian Dance we watched we had a great time moving around outside on a warm and rainy day.



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St. Save Serbian Orthodox Church

When the Gold Rush started many around the world came including those we are speaking about today. Serbians populated and still populate Amador County, California. This is the first and oldest Serbian Church in the United States and Canada. The construction of the church started early in 1894. The church bell was presented to the church by the Russian Bishop, the Rt. Reverend Nikola. This church sure stands out. A few years ago my mom was visiting me and we saw the church from the street above and we were determined to find it.  This is one gem you won’t want to miss. I’ve taken the kids here a few times now.

Within its time many events have happened. Many loved ones have died. Many loved ones have been born. Much sorrow…. much joy… all endure in memory eternal… past, present, and future molded into one. “-Milo Radulovich

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church is located : 724 North Main Street Jackson, CA 95642.

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Serbian Christmas

Serbians brought with them to Amador County, California not only people but also traditions. One of the most important traditions they brought with them is Christmas. Every year on January 7th,  Serbian Christmas is celebrated. They celebrate the birth of Jesus with gunshots towards the air announcing that Christ is born the following day in front of the National Hotel around 12 pm. If you are not local the sound of gun shots may take you by surprise. Also, most of the shops in the county keep their Christmas decorations up until after Serbian Christmas has been celebrated.  

My parents were Russian Orthodox before they had me so visiting an Orthodox church was an amazing experience. I think my children and I spent majority of the service staring in amazement at the walls and ceilings. It was so beautiful.


The two pictures above were taken by Larry Angier “Image West Photographer.” You can find him at



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  1. This is a beautiful blog post in photos and content. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Лазо Ангиер

    Супер! Хвала, Ирина! I hope that you and your family will return again to St. Sava, Jackson!

  3. Homegrown Adventures

    We will return. 🙂 We loved it.

  4. robin Rue

    I love learning about other cultures! That folk dancing sounds like fun – I would like to try that, too!

  5. I had no idea so many raspberries were from Serbia! What a fun adventure for your family!

  6. how cool. I actually knew nothing about Serbia until reading this. I enjoy hearing and learning about different places.

  7. These photos are stunning. They really reflect a loving vibe and connection. Also – I really loved learning new facts about Serbia. The raspberries was something I had NO CLUE about.

  8. Thanks for the knowledge. I have heard of Serbia, but I didn’t know much at all about it. I didn’t know that 95% of the world’s raspberries came from there. I love raspberries.

  9. I don’t know anything about Serbia! Such an interesting read! And I love Raspberries so I’m surprised I didn’t know anything about Serbia!

  10. Officially obsessed with your family. How cool that you guys get to experience so much culture! Living the dream!!!

  11. wow! looks like you have some great learning adventures going on. I know they teach about Serbia in my kids classroom but definietly he won’t remember in the details from a text book.

  12. That dance looks like so much fun! I have to be honest, I’ve never thought of Serbia but I would love to go.

  13. I always love your photos. Your kids are adorable. I love learning about new things like this. That church is gorgeous!

  14. Wow! That church is incredible! I knew nothing about Serbia before reading this. It is such an interesting and beautiful country from the looks of your photos!

  15. This post was fascinating. The dance looks like so much fun. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  16. What a fun way to teach your children, I love that you watched it and then all tried it!

  17. Their churches are beautiful. I honestly had no idea that most of our raspberries come from Serbia and folk dance is something that reminds me of Madeira.

  18. I admit I didn’t know anything about Serbia, but your insight into the culture is definitely enlightening. Love the beautiful churches!

  19. Loved this post! I really enjoy reading posts about places where people have come from. I have a guest post series running on my blog about places where people have come from and it would be lovely if you wanted to take part! (hope it’s not too cheeky to ask here!:)) xx

  20. Homegrown Adventures

    Teresa, I am not from Serbia. I am originally from Odessa, Ukraine. That sounds like a wonderful idea dear.

  21. I loved looking at the photos; it looks like you were all having so much fun! I love it when families spend quality time with each other.

  22. Thanks for sharing information on Serbia and showcasing the beautiful photographs.

  23. A friend of mine taught english in serbia for 3 years and fell in love with the culture, the people. the language, everything. Your photos are beautiful, BTW

  24. Really appreciate your effort to share knowledge about Serbia. Beautiful post and photos, show the bonding and the fun you have with your family.

  25. I love those photos. Wow! I think it is so important to give our children that opportunity to learn about other cultures, especially with these experiences.

  26. As a military wife who could barely handle her busy schedule I am truly glad I came across your post. Wow! Seeing your pictures and watching the video, it looks so fun! Thank you so much for sharing about Serbia.

  27. Wow what an interactive way to teach your children new cultures. Thats the perks of homeschooling new ways to teach your kids in fun exciting ways.

  28. i love those photos. It looks like you had a great experience.

  29. Reesa Lewandowski

    I actually did not know anything about Serbia! What a beautiful culture! I love the dancing and your church is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing a peek into your culture!

  30. That church is stunning! I don’t know much about Serbia so thank you for educating me.

  31. These are really cute photos 🙂 I didn’t really know anything about Serbia before reading this actually

  32. What an awesome learning experience! I had no idea about the rasberries or that the word vampire was Serbian! Learned something new!

  33. Two of my neighbors are from Serbia. Over the years, they have shared stories of their homeland with us and shared a piece of their childhood and their home.

  34. Another great learning experience that it looks like everyone enjoyed! I adore the dress!

  35. Hello from a fellow Ukrainian who is based abroad 🙂 Lovely to read about beautiful Serbia. I have a number of friends who live there. The culture is just immense! Loved the pictures you shared, lovely.
    xox Nadia

  36. Wow this is all new to me! I love learning about new cultures! My kids watched the dance video with me twice!

  37. This place looks amazing! I love how you captured it and the photos are really beautiful.

  38. What a fun experience. I hope that we get to travel and see some new places some day!

  39. Well, I have learned plenty about Serbia after reading this post. I can’t believe you didn’t mention tennis though – my Serbian friends are all crazy about Djokovic! 😉

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