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Learn about snow…. Snow is white, cold, and soft. The snow that you see falling down are snowflakes, no two are identical. An easy way to explain to children how snow forms is by telling them that when the cloud temperature is at freezing point or below (really cold), the cloud starts to drop snowflakes. Oftentimes the snowflakes will fall but once they hit the warm ground they will melt. However if the ground (surface of the earth) is cold then snow will pile up.




Observing snowflakes: All you need is a piece of black paper and magnifying glass. Make sure that  your paper is cold so that your snowflakes won’t melt. This works best when snow is actually falling.






Make paper snowflakes…. On a cold day you and your child can spend hours having fun with just a few sheets of papers and  a pair of scissors.













 Make your own Fake Snow….. I can not believe that this is our first year making fake snow! It is so simple and fun to make. You only need baking soda and conditioner. Pour 1/2 cup of conditioner and 3 cups of baking soda.  You might need less or more baking soda depending on how wet or dry you want your snow to be.  Now you are ready to play for hours.





 Paint the snow….. Get food coloring and spray bottles. Fill the spray bottles with food coloring and water. Go outside and paint beautiful pictures on the snow.





Read Snow books….




Making a Friend by McGhee A young boy makes a snowman. He enjoys spending time with his new friend. However, soon his friend starts to melt and all that is left is his hat, eyes, buttons, nose, and hands. The boy believes that his friend is everywhere: in the puddle, rain, fog, and frost. Find out what this boy learns about love.

 Snowballs by Lois Ehlers This book encourages the reader to save their good stuff so that they can decorate their three snow balls. You only need three balls and with those three balls you can make a snow dad, mom, boy, girl, baby, cat, and dog.




 Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenins and G. Brain Karas Have you ever thought about making lemonade in the winter? I sure have not. A sister and brother decide to sell lemonade in the snow. This book is a great way to teach your child to learn to count money, especially quarters. Find out what creative things these two had to come up with to get people to actually buy their lemonade in the snow.



Snow by Uri Shulevitz Such a simple, yet cute book.  A sweet boy and his dog go playing out doors. The boy notices a snowflake or two fall from the sky. He tells everyone who he passes that it is snowing, but no one thinks it will snow. Learn how sometimes even the weatherman can be wrong when it comes to snow.



Visit a snow park…. We went to Nyack snow park. It costs $15 dollars for parking. Come early  because the parking lot gets filled up fast. They are opened daily from 9am – 5pm. Located at 41965 Nyack Rd, Emigrant Gap, CA 95715. There are plenty of places to find hills to go down on. You will need to bring your own sleds.














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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I alway mess up when we make snowflakes. I cut it wrong and it never turns out right. I love the pictures too! We are going to make the fake snow this week! What an awesome post!

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