Spending 15 Minutes of Quality Time With Each Child !!!

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For 5 days I spent 15 minutes of quality time with each child. They got to choose what they wanted to do. To my surprise the kids loved it. Baby Eve cried when her time was up the first day. At first I made sure that my other three were not around when I was spending time with Eve. However they wanted to watch so I let them but they were not aloud to talk to me or Eve.

 Elizabeth and I playing restaurant !!!! 


 Peter carving wood and painting it !!!!


 Our finished product !!!!


 Eve and I playing with Barbie.


 Peter teaching me how to ride a scooter. I don’t know about this scooter thing. It’s kind of scary.


 Peter and I playing soccer and yes he did win !!!!!



 Esther and I with our finished art project !!!!


 Elizabeth and I working on our craft project!!!!


Our finished art project !!!!


 More Barbie playing!!!


 More restaurant playing !!!!


 Esther teaching me how to make a bracelet!!!!

Peter teaching me how to draw cartoon characters !!!!
We sure had a blast and I learned so many things about them by just spending 15 minutes of quality time with each of my children for 5 days. I want to do this on a regular basis. However, I will do 20-30 minutes with each child once a week. On the days when we had to go to Awana or shopping it was hard to squeeze the 15 minutes in with all of my children. We still did it but those days were very busy.
Have fun 🙂 

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