East Bay Spring Hiking

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 We love to hike especially when it’s green outside. I am so glad that we decided to be a hiking family. It wasn’t always this way. When we went to New Zealand (many years ago) with my husband we did not finish some of the hikes because I never did any long hikes before. Shortly after that we decided to take our children hiking with us because there is so much more you can see when you decide to walk a beaten path. At first we did shorter hikes but then with time we did steeper and longer hikes. I often hear young parents say that they can’t go hiking until their children are older. I totally get it but I’ve learned over the years that if you start them young it can be very enjoyable. With our last two we started taking them on hikes with us since they were less than 1 month old. When they were younger we carried them in a carry backpack. As they got older we carried them less and less. Now they all walk on their own and everyone who passes by us smiles and tells our 8 and 5 year olds that they are doing a great job. I’m impressed with them myself. They walk on trails that some adults struggle. Who am I kidding Flag Hill Trail (our recent hike) they did better than I. They were running up the hill when all I wanted to do was take a break.

We hope to encourage you to start taking your children hiking at a young age.

Briones Regional Park

It has been raining all week and since this was the first glimpse of sunshine we put on our hiking shoes and did what we love most : hiked. Briones Regional Park has 47 miles of trails and 4 lagoons which means that there are variety of wildlife to see. We saw newts and many different kinds of birds here. Cattle roam these hills so while you might not see many others crossing your path you can be sure to cross the path of a group of cattle. They are harmless. We have never been on such a muddy trail as this before and to be completely honest with you, we loved it. I know it sounds crazy but there is something rewarding about a muddy adventure because getting your shoes stuck and dirty always brings lots of laughter if you decided to make the most of it. You won’t want to miss the Mickey tree above a lagoon. There are also plenty of benches to choose from so bring your lunch and enjoy this magical place.
Getting here: Once your on Interstate 80 going west take Interstate 680 South to Highway 4. Then take 4 west to the Alhambra exit in Martinez and follow the signs to the park.





Sunol Regional Wilderness

There are different trails that you can choose from at Sunol Regional Wilderness which is great because that means we will be back soon to explore the others. We usually do one trail when we hike with children. The last thing we want to do is to have our children dread the thought of hiking. We chose to walk up hill on the way up and walk down hill on the way down. We find it’s easier to walk upwards when we still have energy during the first part of the hike. This hike is 1.26 miles one way. At first this hike seemed easy and I was even thinking that we should do another hike but the further we went the steeper it got and while our 5 year old Eve was running, the rest of us could hardly catch our breath. The view at the top of Flag Trail Hill is worth all that work to get up the steep trail. Wow, are the green rolling hills and path breathtaking. It was very windy at the top and we sure felt that the wind could carry us away if we were lighter. We found a spot that was not windy and we choose to eat lunch near wild flowers. Now on this trail you have to go down the same path that you went up on. It was actually harder going down because you want to run down so you are constantly breaking with your feet.  


Our ultralight/watertight medical kit is from Adventure Medical Kits

Our Pendleton throw is from Down Lite Bedding.

Our lunchbox is from Yumbox



Do you enjoy hiking? If you have children do you take them along with you? I’d love to hear from you. 🙂


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