Spring in Gold Country

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I’ve been waiting for Spring for way too long. This year winter felt like it would never end so as soon as the sunshine came out we decided to enjoy it and explore the Gold Rush Country. It sure was a great idea because being outside was medicine for our souls.

Daffodil Hill

Do you want to give a dear friend a flower and not sure which flower to give? Try the daffodil flower because this exquisite flower symbolizes friendship. These beautiful perennial bulbs are planted in the fall and bloom in late winter or early spring.


Daffodil Hill is a must see place because it does not only have an average of 300,000 daffodils but is also free to visit. People from all over the world come to Daffodil Hill which is located at 18310 Rams Horn Grade,Volcano, California. This is a place where you might consider wearing your Sundays best to because Daffodil Hill is a great place to take pictures. There are antique wagons, barns, tubs, mining equipment and more. You will see peacocks walking among the daffodils. Call Daffodil Hill before you decide to visit to make sure they are open : 209-296-7048.

Elizabeth’s outfit is from Bellas Party Designs

Elizabeth’s hat is from Baby Super Cute


Eve’s bonnet is from House Merriweather

Eve’s dress is from Glitter and Such

Eve’s shoes are from Tea Collection

Esther’s dress is from Nui Organics. If you choose to shop Nui Organics in the next 30 days you will receive a special discount. Use Code: nuiinfhomegrown

Oakwilde Ranch and Sculpture

What could be better than art outdoors? We had to walk to see all the contemporary art and none of the kiddos seemed to mind because they were eager to find the next sculpture. We particularly enjoyed the Man with No Name by artist Mark Knize and Indifferent Space by artist Andrew Connelly. This is a private park so appointments are necessary. Call (209) 598-4755 or visit Oakwilde Ranch and Sculpture.

Elizabeth’s boots are from Kidorca
Elizabeth’s dress is from Emerald August

Elizabeth’s necklace is from Squirrel House

Elizabeth’s backpack is from Marimac Designs

Feeney Park Disc Golf

Hubby and kids love disc golf (also known as Frisbee golf). I enjoy watching them, cheering them on, and taking pictures of them. I threw the disc a few times but gosh was my right hand sore after that. Next time we go I plan to be a big girl and play the whole time. The object of this game is to throw the disc into the baskets. The individual who throws the disc the least amount of times throughout the course wins. This is a 18-hole course.


Copperopolis Town Square:

This is a new town square. We are used to old town squares so it was nice to walk around this newly developed town square which was developed in 2007. If you want to get away from a crowded city, come to Copperopolis Town Square. Surprisingly there are very few tourists here. You can sample olive oil here and this is a great place to shop and dine without standing in long lines.


Historic Mokelumne Hill

Historic gold rush towns are probably our favorite. We love the feel to them and the reminder that settlers from all over come to Mokelumne Hill hoping to strike rich. You can shop or dine here. We could spend hours walking through antique and art shops. It’s a great way to spend time together. We found dandelions near an antique telephone booth.

My necklaces are from N.Z. Jewelry
My purse is from Purse for the People


Chaos Glassworks

Watching how the power of heat can transform glass into something beautiful is pretty amazing. Chickens roam here freely. You could even feed them if you’d like. There are beautiful glass pieces throughout the place. My favorite are the glass beads. You can watch them work as well. They sell the things that they make at the shop.They are located at 121 A  Hanford St (Old Hwy, 49) Sutter Creek, CA 95685. Call before you plan your visit because hours vary.


What is your favorite springtime activity?

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  1. I am still trying to picture the chickens roaming freely in the glassblowing shop! That is so amazingly unique! And what wonderful places to explore!

  2. I so want to play disco golf, it would definitely be the only type of golf I ever play! The glass place looks fabulous, though I am not a fan of chickens!

  3. The entire tour is amazing! Seeing all the pictures you share I can see why your family enjoyed the experience. The Glassworks is quite charming!

  4. This looks like a wonderful time! The outfits are lovely, and how can you have a bad time when there are peacocks!

  5. I like the beautiful colors of the flowers and the awesome peacock. This looks like an incredible time together!

  6. Beautiful photos. It look like you all had a wonderful time. I really like the oldest girl blue dress.

  7. You dress the kids so cute! It looks like they had such a great time playing together. Love the photos.

  8. What a beautiful place! I’ve never seen anything like it, and I see why y’all enjoyed it so much. I love that there was also a disc golf spot to play!

  9. Love the energy in these photos. I love daffodils so Daffodil Hill sounds like a lovely place. If only we lived closer, would love to take our son for a visit!

  10. Spring really is all about the outdoors! It looks like you’re enjoying the very good weather! I think it’s awesome that the kids are having fun as well. Love all of your outfits!

  11. Tereza

    Looks like you had a wonderful time, you have such a sweet family! By the way the daffodils are gorgeous! I feel like they came & were gone SO quickly here in the UK xx

  12. What an incredible location. I can see why so many people make the trek. The flowers are incredible as are the sculptures.

  13. I love exploring places like Daffodil Hill, where there is something for everyone. It reminds me of a little town near where I went to college. Though I would probably need to take an antihistamine to deal with all the flowers, but it would be worth it.

  14. I’m so happy it’s spring time! I love daffodils and Daffodil hill seems to be a beautiful place. You captured some really amazing pictures and it looks like you had a great time with your family.

  15. Jeanine

    Such gorgeous photos. That looks like you all had a great time. Still really waiting for Spring to hit here in Canada, but hopefully soon!

  16. Exploring outside is the best with children. Your family is darling and those flowers are gorgeous.

  17. This place looks amazing and it looks like you had so much fun. I am in love with your daughter’s yellow shorts!

  18. Our favorite Springtime activity is spotting all of the baby animals that come out this time of year!

  19. I absolutely love your photos. Their outfits are super lovely. This place is really perfect for family bonding.

  20. Brittany

    Aww it looks like they had a great day with the family! I love the pictures by the tulips. So pretty and the perfect spring picture!

  21. Daffodils have always been one of my favorite flowers. This is such a beautiful place full of beauty and colors.

  22. Spring is the best seasons for kid’s fashion and outdoor. I love the way you experienced, this is so pretty.

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