Taste of Hawaii

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   We loved trying traditional Hawaiian dishes. I will try pretty much anything new and unique. Hawaii is abundant in so many amazing fruit.  These tropical fruits cost so much in California but not in Hawaii so when we travel to Hawaii we always buy their fruit. It is amazing how many fruit stands you’ll find in Hawaii. Many of them have no one there. You’ll find fruit, price tags, and a deposit box where you can pay for what you take.

We love going hiking and we usually bring our own sandwiches with us so as soon as we arrive to Hawaii we always go grocery shopping for sandwich items and snacks. However, we never buy fruit at the store because we find that the fruit in the fruit stands are fresher and sweeter.


Dragonfly Ranch

We were blessed with a night stay in the Writer’s Studio room. This room is so spacious and beautifully detailed in bright green colors. There is no glass windows here, just screens. Waking up to the sounds of birds here is unbelievably remarkable. This is one of our best experiences we had in a bed and breakfast. We really did feel like we were “inside the outdoors”. The shower is outside but it is still very private and covered. They serve organic breakfast with fruit that they pick from the trees growing in their yard. They even grow their own vegetable garden.

We have never seen such a beautiful yoga studio before. The views from it is breathtaking. Dragonfly Ranch truly is an amazing place to connect with nature. Many come to Hawaii and stay in large resorts and hotels but miss the true feel of how life would feel if you lived in Hawaii. I’m so glad that I spent my 33rd birthday at Dragonfly Ranch..



Kau Coffee Mill Hawai’i

We never miss visiting a coffee plantation. My husband loves coffee and not just any coffee but great quality coffee. Here we were able to try the coffee and learn how they roast their coffee. Walking through the hillside coffee plantation is always my favorite. I love seeing how things grow and what  the coffee beans look like when they are growing. The chocolate coffee beans is so addictive.



Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corps.

One of my favorite nuts ever is the macadamia nut. We used to have prayers at our house every Friday and I’d make pineapple with brown sugar and macadamia nuts. At the visitors center we were able to try the different variety flavored macadamia nuts from sweet to spicy. My favorite are the ones covered in chocolate. If you look closely in the nut section of Walmart you will most likely find Mauna Loa sold there.

The Macadamia Nut Visitor Center sells different gift packages so that you can take home with you for yourself or give as a gift to a loved one. They also have a pearl jewelry section inside. Here you can pick out a clam and they will open it up for you. On the other side of the visitor center you can watch how they process and package the macadamia.


Kaaloa’s Super J’s

If you want to experience true Hawaiian culture then you don’t want to miss Kaaloa’s Super J’s. You’ll feel like your visiting family and they’ll offer you Poi, Lomilomi Salmon, and Laulan to eat. This is as Hawaiian as it gets. The poi is a purple starch paste. The Lomilomi Salmon is raw salmon cured with salt and diced with tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers. The Laulan was our favorite. It is meat wrapped in layers of taro leaves and slow-cooked until soft.

Located at 83-5409 Mamalahoa Hwy A, Captain Cook, Hi 96704


Susan Fish Market

If you love fish and your looking for fresh fish then you’ll want to come here. We got a plate full of poke. Poke is raw fish, cubed into hearty chunks and seasoned with a variety of sauces. Boy do they offer so many different choices here.

Located at 93 Lihiwai St, Hilo 96720



Thank you for reading our post. Are you brave enough to try new and unique foods? What is the weirdest thing you’ve tried?

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  1. Robin rue

    I never buy fruit or produce at the store, either. I always buy it at the farmers market because it’s a million times fresher

  2. This is so interesting!! The photos and details make me want to book a flight tonight!

  3. Wow! I have heard a lot about Hawaiin dishes but never got a chance to try one. Your pictures look great.

  4. I love your shoes! They are perfect for a vaca to Hawaii. That food also looks so delicious!

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com

  5. Trying out local food is one of the best parts of traveling. I think Hawaii is perfect because you get everything as fresh as it can be. I’ve always wanted to try their food, it all looks so good!!!

  6. I would love to come back to Hawaii and just eat as much poke as I could. Lol. I think it’s really awesome that you had such a great time there. Good food is always part of a good vacation.

  7. Your photos are amazing, and a great post too. I have never really ventured far, so not had the chance to try different food.

  8. Looks like y’all had a wonderful time! I completely agree that fruit, and even veggies, are typically much better from stands than from a store.

  9. I have been dying to go to Hawaii and you make the food look amazing! These pictures are wonderful and it looks like you are having a great time!

  10. I hope one day I get a chance to visit one of the Hawaiian islands. I would certainly like to try some of the food you mentioned and thanks for the tip about buying the fruit from the fruit stands and not the store .

  11. This place is really gorgeous! The food must have been incredible. I loved Hawaiian food when I went to UHH to study Astronomy for a summer.

  12. How fun! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and try the food. This all looks so delicious! Ps-love your shoes!

  13. Hawaii is a dream destination especially during summer vacation. I think this is awesome and getting to eat the local food is just the best.

  14. Seeing different photos of Hawaii pushes me to go there. I’m sure there are lots of things to discover!

  15. I think the best thing about traveling to new places is embracing new foods. I don’t know if I would be brave enough to try everything, but I would know I’d at least give it a try or some thought.

  16. When I was in Hawaii earlier this year I loved going to the coffee plantation and went to a macadamia nut factory, they were so yummy. I sadly didn’t get to try much traditional food though x

  17. Beautiful photos I love how rustic and charming the Dragonfly looks. As for what would be the weirdest thing I have ever tried? My family are from Madeira so their food can be interesting at times. Apparently when I was like 3 or so I used to love eating pigeon which makes me ew seeing as I am a vegetarian now lol x

  18. reesann723

    When we visited Hawaii we were astounded by all of the beautiful vegetation and lush flavors there! It truly is a paradise!

  19. This sounds like so much fun! I have never been to a coffee plantation or a macadamia nut field! What cool experiences!!

  20. I want to go to Hawaii, so much fun and great food. I love the honor system fruit stands. That coffee sounds great right about now!

  21. That is a unique place, there is no doubt about it. I guess the weirdest thing that I have tried would be escargot. Who would have thought that snails would be tasty?

  22. we are quite good at experimenting with new foods but I don’t think we have tried Hawaiian cuisine! Sounds and looks amazing, plus it’s great that there is so much fruit available!

  23. I love all kinds of different foods, and anytime I have a chance to try something new, I try it. I have had some incredibly delicious items, and some things that I wish I wasn’t as adventurous to try!

  24. I visited Hawaii years back and you are right. The fruit there is amazing and it is everywhere! Everything we tried there tasted so much sweeter than the fruit here. I am dying to go back over there to visit!

  25. Oooh! What a fabulous place to be! And yes, locally sourced produce and food is always the most delicious.

  26. What an awesome adventure. I love pineapple and tuna which always remind me of Hawaii!

  27. I love Hawaii! It’s my favorite place I’ve visited, so far. Seriously I’d move there tomorrow if I could. The fruit stands were weird at first, but then I grew to love them. True Hawaii life, so chill!

  28. We loved visiting the Kauai Coffee Plantation and brought a few bags of coffee home with us. My husband loved it so much that we have been ordering it online ever since. The Dragonfly Ranch looks lovely and you are very adventurous with your meals.

  29. I have been to Hawaii a few times and would love to go back!!!!! I’m all about buyin fruits and veggies locally from local stores or at farmers markets. Taste so much better

  30. My husband never wants to go on trips but as soon as I tell him about that coffee plantation he will be in. A trip to Hawaii might be in our future.

  31. Yum, yum, yum! This post does nothing for my Hawaiian fever. I have friend that are moving to Hawaii in a few weeks and I can’t wait for them to settle in so I can visit! I want nothing more than to have a huge bowl of that poke!

  32. I love the pictures! I’ll admit that Hawaii used to be a place that I didn’t really want to visit since I thought it was probably overhyped. However, that notion has changed within the past few years, especially after reading several different travel blogs. 🙂

  33. Brittany

    Wow I would love to go here! I am dying to have some fun adventures with my family this year and I think this would be so much fun!

  34. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it looks like such a fab place. It looks like you had a great time and I’m totally in love with your sandals <3

    Louise x

  35. This place looks really beautiful! We went to Hawaii on vacation and I would love to go back soon.

  36. Wow I’m in love! Looks like a gorgeous place and I would love to visit it someday! <3

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