Tea birthday party

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It is so fun to plan for a party. Especially when you include your kiddos to help you plan. I would not be able to do this birthday party for grandmas 60th birthday if my kids did not help me make the decorations or help me set up the table. The best advice for planning a party is to do something a day. The more you spread your time making the decorations the less stress you will have and the more creative you can be. Throwing any kind of party does not have to cost you a lot of money. We bought a lot of our things at the thrift store. We love the thrift store because you can find so many unique things  and you pay so little. We also used recycled things. Old water bottles and egg cartons can be used to make such beautiful things.


 Great gift to make for a grandma who has 13 grandchildren.  You could also do grand child (10) or grand kids (9). If your grandmother has more than 13 grandchildren then just have the oldest and youngest child hold a printed heart. We bought a bulletin board for $2.99 from the thrift store and covered it with material.


 These sure take some time. We bought 2 paper lanterns at the dollar store. We made 2 large ones and 3 small foam ones which we bought at Walmart. To make this you have to have lots of material. Get a cup and marker and trace circles onto the material. Once you have them cut out use hot glue and glue the material onto the foam ball. Fold the circle in half and then fold it in half again. Elizabeth loved cutting the circles out for me. The girls also helped me cut the circles out when we drove in the car.



 You can buy antique music notes at the thrift store for pennies. Make a cone and this can be your napkin and utensils holder.


For our center piece we recycled 1 gallon water bottles which we cut in half using scissors. We bought herbs such as mint and rosemary and added dried oranges/lemons and moss inside.  We cut purple wild flowers growing near us and added a few in the vase. We also made a wreath with those same purple flowers and put them underneath the vase.


Mismatched tea cups and plates can be bought at thrift store for very little money.




My husband making the meat for the party. We love doing potluck parties because everyone brings something and you get to try new food.


 Esther making daffodils out of an egg carton.


 We hanged random tea cups.

Peter wrote a poem for grandma.
Have fun 🙂

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