Teaching your child to deep clean their room !!

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 A clean house is a happy house. At least that is what I believe. When things are in the right place and when a house is clutter free it is easier to live in. My kids rooms are their responsibly to clean. 4 times a year (every season) my kids deep clean their rooms and this is when I come in and help them. Teaching your child to deep clean their room is pretty easy.



We make an apron out of paper towels that has their tasks on their apron.
These are the tasks in order that I want my kids to clean:
1. Take off bed sheet: They wash their bed sheets, pillows, and pillow cases.
2. Take down drapes: Drapes or curtains get put in the washer.
3. Clean cobwebs or spider webs: We use a broom and sweep the walls and ceilings.
4. Wash windows.
5. Wipe mirrors and desks
6. Organize closet: we have two boxes labeled donations and garbage. Whatever is not needed is given away and shared with others.
7.Clean toy box: we throw away broken toys and share toys that are in good condition but are not played with.
8. Clean under your bed: take out the candy wrappers or anything that was thrown under the bed.
9. Move furniture and vacuum: here is where mommy and daddy come in and help.
10. All Done!! Good Job!! Enjoy your clean room!!:)

Before pictures on top and after pictures on bottom.

We use two boxes which we label: donations and garbage. We had two full bags to donate. 🙂

Here is Esther deep cleaning her room. She is such a hard worker. 🙂

How to make the apron:
You need: markers, paper towels, string, and a stapler.
Tear off a strip of three paper towels. Each strip will be two tasks. We had 5 strips which was 10 tasks. Line all the strips together. Fold them in half. Staple the second strip. Make sure you leave room for string. Put string through. Your child can wear the apron around his/her waist or they can hang it on their door. Use makers to write the tasks. Make sure to put a book between each sheet so that the marker would not bleed through the other pages. Have your child rip the sheet task as they clean.
Have fun 🙂

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  1. Wow, that is quite impressive. I have a really hard time keeping the children's rooms clean. I have got to get them moving on this. I would be embarrassed to show their rooms.

  2. It helps if your children are older. I have a hard time getting my 6 and 4 year old to clean up. However, my 12 and 10 year old children are so trained at cleaning up. It is part of their daily routine. Plus it really helps if Dad encourages them to clean. 🙂

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