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Thanksgiving is a perfect time to sit down and share with loved ones what you are thankful for, especially if you are thankful for them. We often times get carried away with all the things we need to do that we forget to do what is most important : Be thankful.

Make a thankful tree:
What you need: chalk, chalk paper, a large pine branch, bucket, and rocks. Most of all a thankful heart is needed for this activity.
My two wonderful and beautiful sisters came over with their kiddos a few days ago. My house was filled with 10 kids. The boys brought in a large pine cone branch and we put it in a vase. They then found rocks in our yard and placed them in the vase so that the branch would not tip over.

Can you find the letter E? I see 3 in this picture. My little one wrote lots of E’s, apparently she is thankful for the letter E or herself. I am thankful for her as well. 🙂 Our kiddos were thankful for: love, God, hope, joy, clothes, grandparents, each other, mom, dad, water, life, Jesus, friends, video games, hats, family, their dad and his job, Fall, and more.

Our Thanksgiving tradition: Every year we pass around a bowl of nuts or fruit. Each person needs to take one nut and say what they are thankful for. It all started when we had our prayer get together at our house a few years back. Since then we have done this every year. We once did this at my mother-in-laws house. It is amazing how many things a person can be thankful for. My son who is so good with words made his grandmother feel very special with all his kind words. This year we passed around a bowl of pomegranate seeds. Just find something small and healthy and pass it around.

Read: Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes…. This book is beautifully illustrated and perfect to read before making your thankful tree. Every page in this book has a sentence that starts with thanks for…… or thank you for….

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