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When your traveling through the great state of California, Bakersfield is always on your way. It doesn’t matter if your traveling from Los Angeles to Yosemite or from Redding to San Diego you will be passing by Bakersfield and with so many great locations near by it is easy to miss Bakersfield. On our trip to Southern California we decided to spend a few days in Kern County and Bakersfield was a perfect place to experience what Kern County is all about. So glad that we didn’t drive past it this time because there is so much to see and do in Kern County.


Buck Owens Crystal Palace


Have you ever heard of Buck Owens? Well, if you haven’t he was an American country songwriter and singer. His style of music was inspired by Bakersfield and that is why it was called “Bakersfield sound.” We came here to see his collection of gold records, silver records, guitars, metals, outfits, awards, and more. The museum doesn’t really look like your average museum because his lifetime work starts at the lobby and goes around the restaurant. We did not come here for a show or for food because we arrived early and we ate on our way into Bakersfield. If your a fan of country music and good food you’ll love it here. The atmosphere here is great. Next time we will stay for a show.



Kern County Museum


To be honest with you we had no idea what to expect from this museum because we did not know much about Kern County. We have drove past it on our way to Los Angeles. As you can imagine we were fascinated with the black gold exhibit because we learned so much. We did not expect to learn that Kern County is estimated to be the 5th largest oil field in the United States. Oil was discovered in Kern County in 1899 and it is the third largest oil field in California. This exhibit goes into depth on how oil was discovered and its progress over the past century. There are also a lot of really cool hands on exhibits which show and explain the process of the oil production. Did you know that cameras, dolls, crayons, dentures  and much more are made out of petroleum? A large portion of oil is used for gas while a small portion is used for other things such as asphalt, lubricants, and products.

There are many buildings to go into and explore. There are actually 50 original buildings from around the county in this one location. We also really enjoyed the Lori Brick Children’s Discovery Center which had so many hands on and pretend play available.



My heart of haute retro style black and white stripe cap sleeve Estelle blouse and black t-strap Mary Jane kitten heels are from Unique Vintage.

Nuooah Nature Trail


Have you ever smelled the bark of a Ponderosa Pine? If you haven’t your missing out. On this trail we learned that the Ponderosa Pine bark smells like vanilla or butterscotch. This was the highlight for me on this trail. This trail is only 0.25 miles long but it is a steep one. Here we learned about the different types of trees and shrubs that grow in this part of California.

Located at 17350 Water Canyon Rd. Tehachapi, Ca 93561.




Silver City Ghost Town


This is one creepy but interesting places to explore. Even though we were warned about the friendly ghost that lives here and who loves to pull on peoples hair or tee-shirts as you walk through we did not run into him. This place is not as big or as grand as Bodie State Historic Park but if your in Bakersfield and if you like Ghost towns then you don’t want pass this place. Here you will find historic Kern Valley structures that have been collected in one place by Dave and Arvilla Mills family.

Located at 3829 Lake Isabella Blvd. Bodfish, Ca 93205.






Red Rock Canyon State Park


Can you believe that only one hour away from Bakersfield you can find very colorful and expressive desert landscape. When we shared videos on our Instagram story many asked if we were in Utah. It sure reminded us of Utah or Arizona. Eve even kept saying how much she loves Utah and we had to remind her that we weren’t in Utah. We loved it here because even though it reminded us of Utah we were so surprised that we were pretty much the only ones exploring this desert. We never ran into anyone on the trails and the opposite is true when we hiked in Utah. We just came here for a day trip to do some sight seeing but we wish we had more time here. We plan on camping here next time.

Located  25 miles northeast of Mojava on Highway 14.

On our way back my husbands navigation was not working so he used my phone and when he typed in Courtyard by Marriott my navigation said that it will take us two hours to get back. It took us only one hour to get here so he went the way we got here. Every few minutes my navigation kept telling my husband to take the next exit and every time he refused to listen and as a result our designation became sooner. I started thinking that it was a sign from God and that God was trying to worn us because we were travel during the time when there were so many fires. Hubby kept driving on the freeway until he knew it was the exit to get off. The next day I realized that it wasn’t a sign from God but instead I had my map settings to avoid freeways or highways. Something many of you might not know is that I really don’t like driving. When I’m with hubby he does all of the driving. I take familiar roads and try to avoid highways or freeways as much as possible as a result I end up driving much longer but I feel safer.

My top and skirt is from Called to Surf.






The Courtyard by Marriott


This was a great location for our base camp. It is near the freeway with plenty of dining options near by. The rooms here were spacious and clean. Look at that gorgeous wall paper !!! In the evenings we enjoyed the swimming and whirl pool.

Located at 3601 Marriott Dr.  Bakersfield, Ca 93308.

Our matching rompers are from Robes by Silk and More.





Thank you Visit Bakersfield for hosting our stay we will be back.:)


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  1. Now this is one place that’s worth visiting. I love that there’s so much that you can explore. That last bit about the creepy ghost is really interesting. I’m sure the kids learned a lot from your time in Kern County!

  2. robin rue

    That sounds like such a fun time. I have never been to Kern County, but now I totally want to go for a visit.

  3. I live in Tennessee now, but I grew up in Nevada and I have to tell you you’re so right about Bakersfield! We were always going through it, no matter where were going. Hopefully my kids will be able to get out into the desert someday.

  4. You were able to do so much in and around Bakersfield and Kern County. I loved those desert formations and hope to go there some day, what a find.

  5. Wow, what a fun family getaway! It looks like y’all had a wonderful time, as always. I love the rompers you and your girls are wearing.

  6. It looks like this was an awesome place y’all visited. I have never been out to Cali, but my husband and I plan on it soon so this is good to know! I am sure my kids would love it too.

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  10. This looks like a really fun place to take the family! I would like to visit someday.

  11. I have heard of Buck Owens! He used to visit my small town and perform in a venue there that was country music all weekend long. That’s so funny!

  12. I have never been to Cali but if I ever do, I’d love to visit Kern County! I would love to take my family and check it all out!

  13. Totally inspiring. I love that you slow down and take the side roads and see all the things.

  14. I am totally going to have to plan a trip here. I have lived in California for a very long time, and have yet to make my way there.

  15. I have never been to Kern County, but wow, what a place to see! My kids would love exploring every inch of it!

  16. This looks like a fun little trip. I would love to go on that nature trail. Very cute rompers all around.

  17. As many times as I’ve driven up and down Cali, I don’t think I’ve ever stopped in Bakersfield. It looks like I’m missing out. It would be fun to explore the museum and to smell the vanilla or butterscotch bark of the trees.

  18. Your photos are awesome, thanks for sharing. This looks so great I would love to go.

  19. Okay, I am LOVING the matching rompers!! It looks like you had so much fun! Family time is by far the best time spent!

  20. Looks like you had quite the adventure. I’ve always love to go museums as you can also learn a lot of stuff there and the view from Red Rock Canyon State Park is amazing.

  21. As someone who is a fan of ‘ghost stories’ I really love the sound of the silver city ghost town which sounds creepy yet fascinating at the same time! I have not heard of Buck Owens before but I have to check him out x

  22. Looks like you all had an amazing time. I do really like the ghost town, getting up close to past history. Great photos too!

  23. I’ve never been to California, but I want to go in the future. When I do, I’ll be sure to see the awesome sights and sounds of Bakersfield and the surrounding area.

  24. What amazing views! I am sure that many great memories were made during this trip! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Wow, it looks as though you got up to lots of interesting things during your visit! It so nice to be able to do things as a family, and that hotel looks lovely too 🙂

  26. A long time ago I remember visiting places like this when I was a kid. My kids would have so much fun checking out a ghost town.

  27. It looks like there were a lot of fun photo opportunities during your travels. I think it’s pretty cool to learn facts along the way like how Ponderosa Pine bark smells like vanilla or butterscotch (which I would love to smell).

  28. Your photos are stunning! Your children are growing up with so many amazing travel experiences. This looks like a wonderful day trip for our family too.

  29. I love family adventures like this one where the whole family spends quality time together and you can also make it a learning experience for the kids. You guys look like you had a wonderful time.

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