The Cat in the Hat Fun & Link-up Party

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I absolutely love The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. I enjoy all of the rhyming and the silly things that happen when the children’s mom was away for the day. When my older two were younger I read this book so often that we had the lines memorized. I remember even taking this book camping with us and reading it to them in our tent before our little ones went to bed. I love all the fun, all the fuss, all the mess, and all the things that happen while mother was away. Imagine if that happened to you? I too would have my eyes widened, my mouth opened, no sound would come out of my mouth, and my head spinning from all of the movement and the commotion that was happening.

Make a kite: My son used art sticks, table party cover, and yarn. Click here to see how you can make a paper kite.


Write about The Cat in the Hat…

This is what my son decided to write about…

“The cat in the hat is a very fictional story. I can prove it. The kids, the mother, and rainy day are possible. But then a cat comes in the house and starts telling the kids that they can play inside. Those are the first errors in this book. Do cats walk, do cats open doors, or talk. I have the answer no? Then the fish starts talking. That’s crazy I have never seen a fish talk English. Then the cat starts balancing over ten different objects while bouncing on a ball. This I would say is possible because he slips on the ball and breaks all of the objects. Then he brings in thing 1 and thing 2. Which is impossible because no such thing exists. Then the things start flying kites. How can you fly a kite without having any wind? Which does not make any sense at all. While they are flying the kite they knock everything in the house down. I mean how do you do that? Then the mother is almost home and the cat cleans the whole house in less than a minute. I will not erase this until all of the story is proved to be possible.”

Teaching the letter C:

Finding the number five:

Working on a word group:


 Working on pattern and shape:


Working on fine motor skills and pattern:

Discussed with kids about the importance of telling the truth: The last sentence of the book is…” What would you do if your mother asked you?” We talked about that even though their mother would most likely never find out or believe them that the right thing to do is to tell the truth. It is always better to tell the truth than to lie. Their  mother might laugh and think that they are simply saying a silly story but it is better for her to laugh then for you to feel guilty that you have told a lie.

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