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We finally got to enjoy Oregon’s Coast. Now these were only two of the beaches out of many beaches that we played on during our Oregon/Washington trip. The funny thing is we thought we weren’t beach people. Gosh were we wrong because we fell in love with these beaches. Oregon’s Coast will forever have a special place in our hearts because we saw the total solar eclipse here and that was pure magic I tell you.


Cape Perpena Scenic Area

Cape Perpena Scenic Area is one stop you don’t want to miss if your going up Oregon Coast. If your in the mood to hike you are in luck because the scenic area offers 26 miles of trails, featuring old- growth forest. As for us coming from lots of heat we wanted to hit the colder and windier coast. We started out by hiking out to Thor’s Well and see the power of the ocean crashing into the shore. We did not make it to the highest tide but we still got to see the ocean fill up and splash high into the air at a sight like this really made us realize how powerful the ocean is. On the way back we hiked through the rocky shore and checked out some of the tide pools. We then got back to the parking lot and decided to see Devil’s Churn which is another magnificent show of the power of nature. After all that walking around it was time to play around a little bit at Cape Cove Beach. This beach had lots of shallow waves going over really nice sandy beach that was perfect for little children.

Located at 2400 HWY 101 S Yachats, OR 97498.



Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area


Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area is a rocky beach with a collapsed sea cave. It is another one of those great coastal stops and the view from the top is worth checking out. We recommend you put in a little work and go down to the beaches on both sides of it. The one to the right is fairly small but you get a great view of the arch from it. The one on the left is a long sandy beach and is very popular with surfers and swimmers alike. This beach is a safe beach for kids to run loose. It is a perfect place to spend the day playing in the water or to build a fort from draft wood.

Located at Otter Rock, OR 97369.




Total Solar Eclipse at Coyote Rock R.V. Resort & Marine

When we started looking for a place in Oregon Coast to stay during the total Eclipse the answer we received from everyone was that their was nothing available for us. But then we stumbled upon a fisherman retreat type of RV park and they had an available tree house that we could rent for under $50 a night. We figured : Jackpot !! We didn’t even remotely understand how lucky we got until we got to the part of the coast where we were able to see the total eclipse. We saw parking lots renting out a space for a car where you could sleep in for $100 a night. On the day before the eclipse we only had one hope for clear skies and luckily for us the mist cleared right before the eclipse started. We got to see the whole amazing totality of the sun totally being covered by the moon from our cabins picnic table. Even more than we expected to see after the sun disappeared for about 2 minutes and darkness and cold came upon us. The river, due to the temperature drop, felt like it was morning all over again and the fog rose again for the second time that day. We got very lucky staying here because we had the comfort of watching from our own campsite without all the craziest going on elsewhere.

Located at 1676 Siletz Hwy, Lincoln City, OR 97367



North Point Pedestrian Loop


We were driving through the town of Depoe Bay and noticed an unusually large crowd of people looking towards the water and it spiked our curiosity so we pulled over to see what everyone was looking at. To our surprise there was a whale close to the shore, closer than we’ve ever seen before. A local volunteer suggested that we take the North Point Pedestrian Loop to get a more private viewing of these magnificent creatures without all the crowds. This trail is amazing. I don’t know why it is not marked on the maps.



Yaquina Bay Bridge


On our way to our lodging destination we were going through the town of Newport. We were taken back by the stunning bridge on our way into town. When we got over to the other side to take a picture of the bridge we read up on it and it turns out that the Yaquina Bay Bridge is Oregon’s Coast icon just like Golden Gate bridge. It is truly a engineer marvel.

Located at 1950 SW Coast Hwy, Newport, OR 97365.


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  1. robin rue

    We ended up with only a partial view here in New England. I was kind of bummed because it ended up being pretty lame were. On to 2024….

  2. So cool! I’ve spent time in the Pacific Northwest, but haven’t been to Oregon. It’s definitely on the list.

  3. You took some beautiful pictures! I would like to visit Oregon some day and am happy to know there are plenty of walking trails. My dad grew up in Roseburg, on the coast.

  4. What a beautiful trip that y’all had. I’ve heard that the Oregon’s coast line is beautiful, and your pictures prove that.

  5. It’s amazing that you got to watch the eclipse at such a beautiful place! It’s really lovely out there and everyone seems to be enjoying!

  6. Devils arch sounds awesome. That’s great that you had plans to see the eclipse and was prepared for it. I love the fog photos, fog can be so beautiful!

  7. Wow absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit someday. We don’t travel much but have considered it for the years to come and this is just stunning gorgeous photos and I bet even more so in person!

  8. Another great family adventure! This should be on our family’s bucket list. I’m sure we’ll love the place!

  9. What a lovely post! I have the Oregon Coast on my bucket list. My bucket list is so long! We had a total eclipse where we were, too. Amazing.

  10. I’ve never been to Oregan but it looks absolutely stunning and it appears like your family had a great time. I love the picture of the flowers in the pocket!

  11. I love Oregon. It’s such a beautiful state and the perfect place to watch the eclipse. I wasn’t able to see the complete eclipse because of where I live but it was still a fun experience.

  12. What a fun adventure, and such a beautiful place to visit!

  13. I have great memories about water (beaches, lakes, shores) because my family loves to have water adventures during vacation. Thanks for reminding me the good old days..

  14. Such a beautiful place! Looks like you made some wonderful memories as well!

  15. TColeman

    This looks like it was such a fun family outing! I don’t think I have seen very many shares from the West Coast for the eclipse so this was really neat!

  16. I have never been to Oregon, but oh how beautiful those photos look.

  17. Nothing beats an unforgettable adventure with the family! I remember the days when my children were still young… You have a beautiful family!

  18. We have heard a lot of great things about Oregon Coast and we want to visit it!

  19. Wish I could go there with my family too. Your kids are so blessed to experience your adventures! Great parents

  20. Khae 114

    All members of our family are always up for adventures like this. I’ll let them know about this place. Thanks!

  21. What an amazing trip on the coast you had! You guys really lucked out with that camping site. And what an incredible viewing of the eclipse! It’s definitely something your kids will remember for a long time.

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