Walk a Day in Charles M. Schulz Shoes….

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“Peanuts started in the year of 1950 and the creator is Charles M. Schulz. The reason peanuts became popular was because the strip was different than all the others in those days. Back then strips were action, adventure, and slapstick. Schulz dared to put his feelings into the stories. He knew that he could use comic strips to change the world and that’s what he did. He added so many things to the comic universe. He added more than a strip. It is true that Peanuts is his only work but he inspired others to make their own strips. He didn’t just make a strip, he made a world of them. Peanuts is the foundation of the egghead strip world. The idea of egghead strips is that they use truth to make the joke. Peanuts gave birth to the strips of this century. ” (written by my son).
See a large mural which is made up of 3,588 comic strips.
You can actually walk a day in Charles M. Schulz shoes by..
1. Visiting the museum… You can learn about Charles M. Schulz and see a replica of his studio. Learn about who this incredible man was by learning the history of this man and the art he produced that captured so many of his readers. This museum also offers so many different classes such as how to draw peanuts, holiday crafts, hands-on science, and more. The museum is opened every day except for Tuesdays. During the weekdays they are opened from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm. During the weekends they are opened from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. What better place to have the museum at then in the city in which Charles M. Schulz created his beloved Peanuts cartoon strips. Located in Santa Rosa…2301 Hardies Lane. Visit  www.schulzmuseum.org or call (707)794-4452..






2.Eating lunch at Warm Puppy Café.. Below is a picture of the  reserved table that Charles M. Schulz sat and ate his breakfast and lunch at every day. Eat a tuna sandwich which was loved by Schulz. It was nice not to have to drive to get lunch because its right across the street from the museum in the Redwood Empire Ice Arena.
3. Shop at the Snoopy’s Gallery and Gift shop.. This is a two story gift shop. The first story offers so many things for Peanut lovers to purchase. The second story is a museum in itself.




4. Go ice skating at Snoopy’s Home Ice… This ice rink was built and owned by Charles M. Schulz.  This is where he played hockey himself at. Located at 1667 West Steele lane Santa Rosa, Ca 95403. Call (707) 546-7147 to confirm with them the public skate times. If you have young kiddos then the best days are Saturday and Sunday because they offer Parents and puppy practice around 10:30 am until 12:00pm.


 We had such an amazing day celebrating our sons 13th birthday and walking a day in Charles M. Schulz shoes. We read every comic strip in the museum, except for the mosaic of 3,588 comic strips. We had some good laughs with our son as well as sat and practiced drawing our own comic strips. Watched a few short films in the museum, ate some warm lunch, and got inspired. I enjoyed sharing fond memories of my dog Snoopy who’s name was inspired by Peanuts Snoopy.
Extra: Make your own ice skating friends… Simply draw on tongue depressors. Make sure to leave the bottom portion blank since it will be in water. Add water to a dish. Cover dish with foil. Make holes using a knife. Then place your friends in the holes. Place dish with friends in freezer and leave overnight.


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