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Since our body is made up of 75% water we know that we can’t survive without water for very long. We can live without food longer than we can live without water. Water survival is one of the most important Survival Skill  to teach our child or children. For the past few weeks kiddos and I have been learning how to find water, how to collect water (better yet what to use as a container), and how to filter or clean the water we found.

If you are lost and you have not been able to find a good water source then you want to make sure that you conserve as much water as you can by staying in the shade during the day when its hot outside. You will want to walk at night or during the early hours of the day because you can cover twice the distance when staying away from the heat. It is also recommended to make slow movements, drinking in small sips, trying to breath through your nose, and avoid talking. 

Don’t use water to wash yourself or your clothes but if you need to kill fungus growth on your clothes then place your clothes in the sun and stay in the shade. Do not remove your clothes when it’s hot because clothes actually helps you control sweating.

You also want to avoid eating food that contain fats or proteins if you lack water. Food requires water for digestion and foods that contain fats or proteins use up more water.

It is always wise to carry one metal cup with you. A metal cup can be used for multiple purposes. You always want to boil the water that you find.

How to find water?

1.Collect morning dew:

Did you know that if there is dew on the grass in the morning that you can collect a small amount of water by tying cloth to your lower legs or boots. You want to walk through the grass and collect the water. Once you are done walking you want to wring the water out of the cloth. 


water survival

2. Place bag over green branches:

In the morning tie a clear plastic bag onto a green leafy tree branch. During the day the plant will transpire and water will collect in the bag. You want to make sure that you place a bag on an non-poisonous plant. Also keep in mind that your water will taste like the plant. We placed a bag over a pomegranate tree.

water survival

How to clean water?

1. Water bottle filter:

I’m not sure about you but we always take water with us everywhere we go which means that we always have a few water bottles with us. It is wise to not crush your water bottles until you get home. Empty water bottle can come in handy.

 A water bottle is a great tool to use while filtering your water. What you need is water bottle, rocks, charcoal, cloth, sand, a cutting utensil, and another cup or container. First you want cut off the bottom of your water bottle. Then turn the bottle so that the bottom has the cap. Place the water bottle in a cup or another container. Place cloth first inside the water bottle. Then you want to add charcoal or ashes from wood that has been burnt. Next add sand or small stone. Then you want to add larger rocks or pebbles to the water bottle. Now pour your dirty water through the filter.

water survival

2. Cloth filter:

 You can still make a filter using cloth even if you don’t  have a water bottle.

Collect three long sticks and tie them up together at the top while placing the ends of the sticks apart from each other. Take three pieces of cloth and tie them up to the sticks. In the last cloth, closest to the bottom, place charcoal in it. Charcoal removes bad taste and odor. Below the cloth filled with charcoal place a container to collect the filtered water in it.

water survival water survival water survival


How to collect water or what container to use?

1. Prickly Pear Cactus Cup:

We purchased this prickly pear cactus at our local grocery store but there is plenty of them growing in the wild, especially in dry areas. What you need is a rock to take off all the needles. You then need to cut the cactus in half. We used a knife but in the wilderness we would want to make an arrowhead. Next you want to cut it slowly because if you cut it too fast you are likely to make a hole and then you won’t be able to use it. Once you’ve cut through it add your water. The taste is not the best but it sure works as a container to keep water in.


water survival water survival

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  1. Great post. Living in Florida it seems like it is always 80+ degrees outside. We always aim to bring enough water with us everywhere we go, but things happen. I have found my self one to many times dehydrated. These are great tips to find water in Nature. We tend to forget that water can be found all around us. It might not be the cleanest or best tasting, but its needed for survival.

    When you used the plastic bag and tree method, you mentioned that it would taste like the plant. Did you water taste like Pomegranate?

  2. When the weather warms up a little here I would love to try these with my kids. I never thought about all of the ways to collect water.

  3. Love all of your water tips! What a fun way to learn for kids!

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