Let’s Celebrate: Water

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”- John 7:37-38.  We can not live without water, in the same way as we can’t do life without Christ. We decided to learn about water this past week. The more we learned about water, the more we were amazed at how everything works.


Making it Rain:

What you need is water, shaving cream, food coloring, and a syringe. Place water in your cup and add shaving cream on top of the water. Drop some food coloring on your shaving cream and watch it rain.

rainclouds fun


Why leaves are the shape they are?

What you need is a cardboard, tape, scissors, pen, food coloring, straw, and a syringe. Draw 4 different shapes onto the cardboard: rectangle, circle, smooth leaf, and toothed leaf. Cut the shapes out. Place and tape the straw onto the cardboard. Now put some food coloring water into the straw and watch where the water goes or collects. The circle and triangle shape collects lots of water and does not drain well. If leaves were this shape then they would be damaged due to the rain. The two shapes that look like leaves drain well because of the points on the leaves which act as water drains. You can try this with real leaves and see what happens.


_DSC0067 (2)



Let it rain:

One of the easiest way to make it rain is to use a hot kettle and some ice. Once you have hot water simply add a plate with ice to the top of it. The same thing happens in real life. When rivers or lakes warm up by the sun, it evaporates and rises. Then it cools, condenses, and falls back as rain.



Rain fun for little ones:

All you need is shaving cream and dry spaghetti. Make clouds using shaving cream and break the spaghetti into small pieces. Our little one really enjoyed throwing the spaghetti pieces on the tray.

making it rain


Rain Boots:

We were blessed with these amazing paintable rain boots from I Love My Design. These boots are so much fun. When you get the boots you first have to wash them with soap and water. Then once you have dried them with a towel you are able to make your own creation.  If you make a mistake, no biggie, they provide you with 32 magical erasing pads. The great thing is that water will not ruin your art work.

They offer paintable boots for children, women, and men. The boots come with paint, paint brushes, paint mixing tray, and some magical eraser pads. You can also purchase reusable sticky stencils. Some of the kits come with the stencils. Who wouldn’t want a new set of boots every few weeks? Change the way your boots look to match your outfit. Your friends will be amazed at how creative you are and how you have on a new looking set of boots each time they see you but in reality it’s the same set of boots you just used your magic erase pads to erase your creation in order to make something new. Elizabeth loves her boots and after splashing in water she was ready to take them inside and wash them up a bit.








The water cycle:

“The water cycle is the only way to keep the world from being flooded. The sun rays hit bodies of water and the water becomes vapor. This vapor is blown by air. Then the vapors unite making a cloud. This cloud soon starts to rain. Some of the rain lands on the ground. This water then one day meets a body of water and the cycle restarts.”-  Peter


the water cycle


Making a rainbow:

It is quite easy to make your own rainbow. All you need is a mirror, white paper, pan, and water. Put water in the pan. Place the mirror inside the water. You want the mirror to be slanted and halfway inside the water. Hold the paper on the other side of the mirror. You have to move the paper around to find the rainbow. We did this on a windy day so our rainbow looked pretty cool and was moving like waves.




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  1. We learned about the water cycle not that long ago, we did several of these activities but as usual you did more, and some I have never seen! You are so creative!

  2. Wow, these are creative, educational and fun activities to do with the kids!

  3. The boots and the rainbow project are my favorites! So many creative ideas to help the kids sharpen their minds and keep in touch with their intuition too. Thank you for this great post!


  4. What an awesome post Irina! I love all of the wonderful pictures that you shared of your kids enjoying all the thing that you can do with water 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I love all these lessons about water, rain, and rainbows. Those boots are awesome! My boys would love to be able to draw and re-draw on their boots. Thanks for all the great learning ideas. Amazing pictures too.

  6. You have such a knack for inspiring your kiddos to love learning with such tactile lessons. I love your passion to educate with grace and joy.

    Great job, Momma!

  7. You always have lots of activities that are so much fun. My favorite is the rain boots. My boys would love them ♥.

  8. As a former science teacher, I love all your ideas mixing art and science. Beautiful pictures as well. My 4 year old would love to do the leaf shape activity. That might just make it into our day. Thanks.

  9. I’m an adult and i learn so much from your blog.I did not know that’s why leaves had that shape. Do you do all of the lessons in one-day or spread them out?

  10. What great lessons! I can’t wait to try the cut-out leaves and the shaving cream rain with our Sweet Peas.

  11. Fun ideas! The rain boots are super cute… I should check them out for my girls!!

  12. These lessons are so fun! I love getting hands on with my kids!

  13. This is such a fun way to learn about water! I especially liked how you made a rainbow. And your video of decorating the boots is so cute!

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